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Hudson’s recruitment consultants understand there’s no shortcut to experience

Many of our recruiters have work experience in the industries they serve.
Many of our recruiters have
extensive experience in the
industries they serve

There’s no substitute for experience. That can be a challenge when you’re a human resources professional tasked with talent management and recruiting, or when you are looking to progress your career with a new job! Good thing we can help.

Hudson is the recruitment specialist many of the most successful organisations -large and small- in the world turn to when they need contract or permanent recruitment solutions. Our track record over the last 20 years for delivering solutions to clients, large and small, speaks volumes; the fact clients keep coming back to Hudson Ireland is the true measure of our success.

We pride ourselves on employing experienced professional recruiters. In fact, many of our recruiters have both industry and recruiting experience making them better placed to understand client needs and allowing them to make judgments on the skills that specific candidates bring to the table. 

Our people understand how to source the best talent in accounting, because they were once accountants. We can provide a highly qualified systems architect because our IT recruiters are highly experienced. Our recruiters started out as sales people, supply chain managers and HR professionals…in every area we specialise in, we understand the challenges because in many cases we’ve been there. 

Our people are always on top of their game through continuous development classroom training within the first eight weeks of employment. They are required to stay abreast of the latest recruitment methodologies and processes to deliver the most effective solutions to our clients. 

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