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What does World Cup football, secret phobias and women in leadership roles have in common?

Innovative research and reporting on HR, recruitment and employment trends
Innovative research and reporting
on HR, recruitment and
employment trends

They are all part of Hudson's innovative research and reporting from across the UK and Ireland on employment trends, HR trends, recruitment and talent management, covering topics HR professionals need to know.

Hudson makes it simple to keep abreast of the latest HR and employment trends because we do the research for you. Our global footprint allows us to gather intelligence across borders, industries, trade bodies and practice areas to deliver reports that address everything from improving employee morale to understanding characteristics that are key for leadership.



  • Guide for Newly Qualified Accountants

    June 2012: If you are a recently qualified accountant or are due to qualify soon, you may be planning your next career move. Our comprehensive ACA guide covers a wide range of career opportunities available with case studies on the career paths other qualified accountants have taken as well as interview tips and advice on how to secure your ideal job.
    Contact Elaine, Hudson's Banking & Finance recruitment specialist on 01 676 5000. 
  • Twice as Productive on an Average Day?

    November 2011: 4.6%* of the UK workforce are now freelancers and contractors, and this number is steadily rising. Are they significantly different from their permanent counterparts? How productive do the workers in each group believe they are? How loyal and engaged are they with the organisations they work for? Our report shines a light on the differences between contract permanent and can help you manage your workforce more effectively.
    *Source: Freelancer and Contract Services Association (FCSA) March 2011
  • The Employability Skills Challenge

    June 2010: This report is the result of research into the employability skills issue conducted by Scottish Investment Operations (SIO) and the Financial Services Skills Council (FSSC). The survey sought employer and agency views on candidate perceptions of the financial services sector in Scotland, with Hudson contributing it's views on employablity issues as well as possible solutions. 
  • Sport: to show or not to show, that is the question...

    June 2010: As the sporting event of 2010 kicks off, what factors will employers need to consider over the duration of the World Cup? What will happen to absenteeism, productivity, motivation and team bonding? Hudson surveyed its candidates across a broad range of sectors and industries in the UK & Ireland, to find out what effect they thought showing World Cup games in the office would have on them and their colleagues.

    This report builds upon previous Hudson research, 'The Impact of Sport on the Workplace'. Whilst it was commissioned in 2006, the findings are still very valid today.
  • Our Secret Phobia...? CVs and Interviews

    April 2010: Look up ‘interview advice’ or ‘CV advice’ on Google and you’ll get tens of millions of web entries. It is clear there is a huge demand for help when looking and applying for a job. Many people don’t feel confident when it comes to penning their CV and aren’t sure what prospective employers most want to see on it. And, when they do get to an interview, they feel even more uncertain about the best way to conduct themselves. We went directly to the people who make the decisions and asked them, and compiled this authoritative report and guide to CVs and interviews.





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